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Turret Ram Vertical Milling Machine

Turret Ram Vertical Milling Machine

Turret Ram Vertical
Milling Machine

International Engineers Corporation is an eminent name in providing some robust range of Industrial Machines, Turret Ram Vertical Milling Machine is one of them. Leveraging from our experience in this field, we have been capable of manufacturing Turret Ram Vertical Milling Machine at par excellence.

In the making of this machine, Grade 1 Castings are used for fabrication of the machines. Machine-table and saddle are made out of castings containing Chrome, etc. Spindle is hardened and ground. All shafts and screws are made of alloy-steel. Machine head-stack is fitted with Lubrication system. Feed-gear-box is oil-bath system. Backlash elimination on Table-Lead-Screw. Accuracy as per ISI charts. Electricals used are of reputed marks having ISI marks. This machine range is supplied in two tone Duco Paint finish. Hence, you will find the best grade of Turret Ram Vertical Milling Machines from International Engineers Corporation.   




Length X Width

1270 X 310 mm


Three X 14 mm

Longitudinal Traverse

650 mm with power-feed

Cross Traverse

300 mm with manual/power-feed

Vertical Traverse

450 mm manual


Spindle Speeds

Eight ( 150-2200 rpm )



Swivel of Milling-Head

360 degrees in vertical plane

Movement of Head

45 degrees around pivot

Movement of Ram

360 degrees in horizontal plane

Travel of Ram

300 mm

Movement of Quill

100 mm manual fine-feed







15-150 mm/min.

1200 mm/min.

Cross *


15-150 mm/min.

1200 mm/min.

Vertical *


7.5-75 mm/min

300 mm/min

( *Power Feeds at extra cost ) ( ** Rapid - Traverse at Extra Cost )